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Subconscious Self Number

Your confidence and competence!

The Subconscious Self reveals the level of confidence you hold in yourself: your level of competence, your knowledge of your own capabilities and your ability to think and act under pressure or in instances where things occur without warning. It shows how sharp an ability you have to think on your feet and how well you assess and manage a variety of situations.

Your Subconscious self is directly related to your Karmic Lesson chart wherein the possibility exists of having all nine numbers represented in your name. Most people will have fewer and some much fewer (the number can be as low as three). Remember that the missing numbers are the ones that determine your Karmic Lessons and these are the areas in which you are likely to feel a certain degree of uncertainty and inadequacy.

Finding Your Subconscious Self Number

Subconscious Self Number

Enter your full name (at birth):

The Subconscious Self is determined by adding up the quantity of represented numbers in your name. In other words, if the numbers 1,3,6,7, and 9 are represented, your Subconscious Self number is 5. Remember that you are NOT calculating the represented numbers, just counting how many of them there are. In the above example, five numbers are represented so that is the answer. It is also interesting to note that the minimum number that can possibly be represented is three. It is impossible to have just two or one so don't go searching for the interpretations of 1 and 2. They simply do not exist.

The more numbers you have represented, the more capable you ultimately are to deal with a variety of situations. Someone with eight numbers represented, for example, would likely have more self-confidence in general than a person with only three. Let's once again use our friend Ryan as the example:

Let's look at each number and see if it is represented

1,2,3,4,5,7, and 9 are represented, making Ryan's Subconscious Self number 7.