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Minor Expression Number

Most people have a nickname – a name that may be a slight deviation from their given name that they use in familiar company. Your minor expression number is based on that familiar moniker you use to describe yourself. The reason why this is significant is that, in many cases, there are multiple variations that are used for given names depending on the person.

Michael is Mike, Mikey Mick or Mickey. Margaret is Maggie or Peggy. Winnifred is Winnie, Win or Wendy. Richard is Dick, Rich, Richie or, even Ritchie. Spelling counts. William could be Bill, Billy, Will, or Willy. Robert could be Bob, Rob, Bobby or Robby. We could go on ad infinitum.

Minor Expression Number

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It is worth noting that the influence of the Minor Expression Number is not as strong as the full Expression Number but it plays a part, just like each card in the Tarot plays its part whether it's a court card, a pip card or a member of the Major Arcana. They all work together, as do the numbers that make up every aspect of your name. The short name often fills in cracks that the full Expression Number leaves in one's numerological makeup.

Many of us change our names as we get older. Bobby the child becomes Rob as a man. Joey becomes Joe, Kimmy becomes Kim, etc. I encourage you to not make too many changes as an adult, though. The things that identify us as children change when we reach an age of autonomy and develop a sense of self. We want a more “grown up” name so we adopt one. Numerology deals with the here and now when making calculations so settle in with your name – the one that resonates with a sense of comfort within you. Think of the name you call yourself in your thoughts or that comes to mind when you look in the mirror. Feel its vibration and its connectedness to your Higher Self and embrace it.

How to Find Your Minor Expression Number

Take your nickname and your last name. Don't worry about your middle name right now unless you use it when you introduce yourself or use it in lieu of your first name. If your name is David James Wright and you introduce yourself as DJ Wright, that is what you would use to find your Minor Expression Number. Since I accidentally created an example just then, let's use it.

Numerology Letter & Number Chart

This chart shows the numerical value of each letter in the English alphabet. Feel free to refer to it.

DJ Wright = 4+1 + 5+9+9+7+8+2 = 5 + 40 = 45
4+5 = 9

DJ's Minor Expression Number is 9.

It shows you what the numeric value of every letter in the English alphabet represents. Let's take a simple name as our example: Charles David Price. The numbers add up like this:

Calculate your Minor Expression Number

Minor Expression Number

Enter your nickname and last name:

Let's have a look at what each of the expression numbers represents:

  1. Minor Expression Number 1
  2. Minor Expression Number 2
  3. Minor Expression Number 3
  4. Minor Expression Number 4
  5. Minor Expression Number 5
  6. Minor Expression Number 6
  7. Minor Expression Number 7
  8. Minor Expression Number 8
  9. Minor Expression Number 9
  10. Minor Expression Number 11
  11. Minor Expression Number 12