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Work From Home

Working from home can be challenging. The Ace of Swords represents the sort of intelligence that is required to stay on top of your tasks. Although Working remotely can be difficult it can also be very rewarding. Making your own schedule and doing things your own way can make work feel like less of a chore. Ever since the pandemic, remote work is becoming more normal and less the exception

More and more companies are hiring people to work remotely in the last couple of years. Some people work better when they get to stay home but some people still prefer to go into the office. If you want to experience the freedom of working from home, finding remote work is now easier than ever!

Your Daily Reading:

Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords Tarot Card

We all know what swords are – they have become such a fabled artifact from our history that many models (display and working) are owned by hundreds of thousands of people. When wielded well, it is a symbol of power, skill, and knowledge – you can't know how to use a sword without hours and hours of practice and learning.

A sword can be more as well, something negative and terrible to behold. Swords can be a symbol of inescapable pain... as a sword is, after all, a weapon. It can also be a tool used by the cruel to control others. A sword can be many things, but it is up to us to use it to better the world rather than to make it worse.

In the Ace of Swords we see jutting and dipping hills in the background, blue and purple. In the foreground is a cloud, from which juts an arm and a hand holding a sword. This is no ordinary sword – a crown sits around the very tips of the sword, and from the crown dangles various plants and bits of leaves. This sword is a powerful thing, a device for cutting, cleaving, and revealing all.

Mental power is what the swords suit represents as a whole, and as the Ace of Swords this card represents the very seat of mental power. This power includes things such as intelligence, wit, cunning, and deductive reasoning. Most of all, remember that we all, for the most part, carry the same capabilities to pursue this intellectual power – we simply have to pursue it ceaselessly if we wish to attain it. Perhaps this is what the Ace is asking of you.

The heart of the swords suit also holds the concept of skill – hard knowledge that is only earned through time and effort. This card could be telling you to pursue a skill or a certain type of intellectual knowledge to bring happiness and balance to your life.

The Stroke of Genius Comes to a Quiet Mind

Lastly, this Ace of Swords may be asking from you truth – not necessarily happily-ever-after truth, either. Most truth is hard to swallow – it's sharp, it's cutting, and it can be used as a weapon against others, just like a sword. But also like a sword, the truth can cut off our binds and free us.

When you see the Ace of Swords, consider asking yourself these questions. What does mental power mean to you? How do intelligence, wit, cunning, and deductive reasoning play a role in your life? Have you used these traits against others recently, or has someone used them against you? Can you see the positive side of these traits, as well as the negative? How can you bring the positive aspects into your life?

The Ace is the true embodiment of a suit's message – any Ace card will symbolize the heart of what each card in that suit boils down to. This means, of course, that it can be hard to parallel these Ace cards against other cards in the deck. The King of Swords can be seen as most similar to the Ace of Swords, seeing as the King is most adept at seeing the traits that the Ace represents in himself and utilizing them fully. The Page of Swords also has a lot in common with the Ace of Swords – he is just discovering these traits in himself, and is beginning to learn how to wield them powerfully and productively.

What Ace of Swords Means for You Today

When the Ace of Swords shows up in your reading it can mean that you could experience a shift in perspective or receive some new and important information. You may have an unexpected moment where you receive a 'download' from your subconscious mind or perhaps a person in your life could say something that sparks a moment of clarity. Be careful not to let this sudden jolt of mental energy knock you off center. You could be so excited by this new perspective that you begin to succumb to overthinking which can make you more likely to make mistakes. If this happens, take a moment to slow down and clear your head.