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Solar Panels

The page of pentacles is an environmentalist and installing solar panels is a great way to help the environment and save some money. Solar power is a useful alternative or supplement to your current electrical setup. Tesla solar panels are leading the way into the future. Solar panels can cost a lot upfront but in the long run, they will save you tons of money. Harness the power of the sun by installing some new solar panels for your home or business.

The most costly aspect of solar power is the initial installation. You can get a full quote from the solar panel company of your choice but remember that the cost includes the panels and as the installation, they can also calculate the lifelong wattage of the entire system.

Your Daily Reading:

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

On the cover of the Page of Pentacles, we have a verdant, brilliantly green field, with trees and tilled land just behind it. In the forefront, we have a boy holding a shining coin with the symbol of the pentacle on the front. The boy himself is adorned in green and gold, with a luxurious red hat to top it off. He stares at the coin in his hand with awe and a smile, wondering what things he can do with it.

The Page of Pentacles person is testing out the waters of the material realm. They are the ones who play with money in a fashion you wouldn't expect – they will go on fantastic adventures, but also be investing on the side. This person is down-to-earth and loyal, while still being enthusiastic about new ventures and friendships.

He is likely someone who enjoys feeling things physically – he wants to feel the ocean against his skin, play in the mud, get a massage, and so on. He wants to see tangible manifestations of his dreams and wishes and isn't happy just sitting and daydreaming about them.

Go out and get excited about the world around you! Make those dreams come alive – don't just pursue them, but take steps to get them physically manifested. Have realistic goals, take realistic steps, and end up with real results. Pursue the physical realm, and it will reward you with physical pleasures.

Follow Your Dreams

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to further elaborate on the meaning of the Page of Pentacles. Do the page's qualities remind you of someone you know? What lesson can you learn from them? Do you need more of the page's traits in your life? Can you pursue the physical manifestation of your goals actively? Why not start today?

The Page utilizes many aspects of the pentacles suit in its description, so it's no surprise that its paralleling cards are of the same suit. The Ace of Pentacles is the focal point for the Page of Pentacles card, so these two go well together – if you see them both in your reading, you know to pay close attention to your physical world and point your internal compass that way. The Knight of Pentacles also has a lot in common with the Page, though the Knight has far more negative aspects of the suite than the young, innocent Page does.

What Page of Pentacles Means for You Today

When the Page of Pentacles shows up in your reading it can have multiple meanings depending on the context of the question. In some cases, this refers to the ground level or foundation of the situation at hand. It can also be a sign that you should follow your instincts and do what most excites you. The person in the card adores the object in his hands, it is one of his favorite things in the world. When a project or interest is new it tends to be most exciting and this card tells you chase that feeling. Do what most excites you and take as far as you can and see where it takes you.