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Rehab requires the same attitude seen in the Temperance card because you have to be able to say no to something even though you might want it. Rehabilitation centers only work if you are willing to do the work involved in overcoming your addiction. Not all rehabs are about drugs and addictions, however. There are also physical rehabilitation programs for healing from injuries. If you need help to overcome an obstacle like addiction or physical pain it might be time to look for a rehab facility near you. There are rehabilitation experts ready and waiting for your call.

There are several different rehab options. Some are expensive and are more like a resort than a rehab facilities. Others are more affordable and focus more on rehabilitation rather than comfort. The fancy and expensive rehab programs can sometimes be less effective because once you leave that comfy environment and go back to your life it can be easy to lapse back into old habits.

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Temperance Tarot Card

On the cover of Temperance, we see an angel, hovering just slightly above the ground. He pours one cup of water into another, seeking to achieve a balance between them. Likewise, we can see that he has one foot on the ground and another in the water – another sign that he is seeking to achieve balance in his behavior. In all things, balance.

If you hadn't guessed yet, Temperance is the card of balance – more importantly, its message is to seek balance. The card does not show if the angel will successfully reach equilibrium between his two cups, but it shows that he's trying. The angel must not pour too much, nor too little – he had to keep a steady hand in order to assure that he achieves the balance he seeks. Another aspect this card can hold is the need to join forces, or combine ideas and elements in order for something to succeed – the angel can only succeed in balancing the cups by combining the water they contain.

When Temperance comes up in readings, it's asking you to assess what you need to achieve balance and equilibrium in your life or situation. Do you need to hold yourself back from making rash decisions? Do you need to push yourself forward into action? What needs to happen in order for you to reach a place where you are centered? Is there an area in your life where you are causing this imbalance? Assess your personal relationships, your work, and your recent actions – is there anywhere that you should seek the balance that Temperance urges you to find?

Applying this card in certain roles, we can see the balance finding its way into places like Past, Present, and Future. In the past, it shows that you once sought balance – it does, however, define whether or not you achieved that balance... merely that you sought it. If you see it in your Present, you know that you are trying to find the balance in your present-day predicament. For the Future, you know you will need to start pursuing balance in order to find your appropriate path from your current situation.

Take All Things in Moderation

Temperance can be seen in other cards of both the major and minor arcana, such as Justice and the Six of Pentacles. With Justice, we see the need for balance through just means – this equals that, cause and effect, and that people will get theirs. Temperance does not necessarily embody the final result of balance – it merely states that balance must be achieved and striven for.

With the Six of Pentacles, we are asked to analyze who has what – who has power, money, and other elements of the earth? With Temperance, it asks us to use what we identify in cards such as the Six of Pentacles to seek balance – look for ways to balance out resources between different parties, and you will achieve peace. With Temperance, the focus is less on what is or is not present – instead, the focus is on how to even those principles out.

What Temperance Means for You Today

When the Temperance card appears in your reading it is a sign to even things out. You have to be honest with yourself to glean anything useful from this card. If you are working too much, it's time to ease up and take time off. If you are relaxing too much or being lazy, it's time to get to work. Most often we can sense when we are taking things too far in one direction but we don't always follow that intuition. The Temperance card is urging you to heed that inner voice before things get too far out of balance. On a more spiritual level, this card suggests you spend some time to raise your 'vibration' by spendings some time in silent meditation.