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The High Priestess is an expert psychic. Psychic messages are coming in all the time and some people are sensitive enough to pick up on these subtle vibrations. Many of these people will take jobs as online psychics to try to pay the bills. Psychically sensitive people struggle to be part of the crowd and can become overwhelmed by large crowds of people, which is why you rarely meet them out in public. You can find one of these psychic people on various tarot and astrology apps and websites.

You have to be careful when choosing a psychic to work with, you never know who is for real and who is just pretending. Real psychic mediums don't often advertise themselves very much, the best psychic readers tend to be relaxed, and confident, and they aren't grandiose. Not all psychics wear crystals and dress like Alladin at a psytrance festival, some of them are quite normal.

Your Daily Reading:

The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot Card

If you've ever researched the subconscious, you'll know that it is a powerful thing. Many researchers and scientists surmise that the thoughts we don't know we are having are the strongest of all. On a technical, physical level, we wouldn't be able to survive without our subconscious.

Our subconscious thought is what leads us through automatic actions, such as sitting, standing, walking, and running safely without even having to actively think about it. There is another power, beyond the physical, that our subconscious has. We are never quite sure of what it is tapping into, or even how. What great mysterious forces could your mind be manipulating right now? The High Priestess knows.

On the High Priestess card, a woman sits upon a grand throne, staring out at you with piercing eyes. She wears layered blue robes, a cross on her chest, and a mighty crown on her head. She sits between two pillars – one that is black with a large /“B/”, and one that is white with a large /“J/”. In her hands, she holds a scroll of the Torah. Behind her is a veil, beautiful and ornate, covered in leaves and opened pomegranates.

The High Priestess is one of many tarot cards whose symbolism can be delved into for days. It is a curious card. If you know your religious theology and mythology, you'll recognize many of these symbols. The cross of Christianity and the Torah of Judaism will seem familiar to many, but do you know the stories that the pomegranates represent? From Judaism and Christianity to Ancient Egypt and Greece, the pomegranate is known as a mysterious fruit, holding many secret meanings and allusions. Even the pillars represent those that were in Solomon's Temple, the first temple of Jerusalem.

The High Priestess commands the attention of the mysteries of our world. She stands for everything that is happening in this world, in our lives, and within ourselves that we are unaware of. She stands for the mystery of the beyond – all that is hiding just past the veil. She sits on her throne and sees all that is unseen, and knows all that is unknowable. This card can be telling you to put your energy into understanding your situation, the situation of others, and beyond.

Be Silent and Let the Stillness Guide you

She also sits on her throne unmoving, motionless in a physical manner but active in the non-physical realms. This card can mean that only through patience, listening, and awareness can you begin to tap into the unknown. Most importantly, this card can tell you that everyone has the potential to invoke the High Priestess within themselves. You too can understand things that you never thought you could – you must simply listen, watch, dig deeper, and be still.

When you meet up with the High Priestess in your readings, consider these questions. Are you looking beyond the obvious? Are you seeking to understand people, places, and things, or simply taking them at face value? What do you really know? What don't you know? What could your subconscious be trying to tell you? What could the universe be trying to tell you? How can I go deeper?

The first card that may come to mind when dealing with the High Priestess may be the Hermit – he brings about a call to non-action, as well as asking for deeper thought. While the Hermit asks for introspection, the High Priestess asks for you to think about all that is beyond yourself. The Hanged Man also has a similar non-active state – he hangs in the balance, seeking to know more about the release. Again, the big difference here is the type of knowledge that is sought: the High Priestess looks for the wide, vast mystery, while the Hanged Man seeks the simple wisdom within.

What The High Priestess Means for You Today

When the High Priestess shows up in a reading it is a sign that you have a message waiting for you in the astral realm. Think of it like a voicemail from spirit. All you need to do is stop thinking long enough for your emotions to come to the surface and you will get images and words in your mind that will fit together to form a symbolic message. This is one of the ways the universe communicates with us. Use your intuition to understand the meaning behind the feelings and visions that come to you in meditation. If you have never meditated before, now is the time to learn.