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Your Daily Reading:

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

This card lands us right in the middle of rolling, verdant hills – the purples and greens in this card are both fascinating and beautiful. The knight himself, front and center, ride a stark black horse wearing a red saddle and reigns. The horse is remarkably still – every other knight in every other suite has some movement happening, but the Knight of Pentacles and his horse sit motionlessly. The knight himself is decked out in his finest metal armor, bits of his clothing red in color. In his one hand he holds out a pentacle – not moving it nor offering it, but holding it out so he can examine it (and perhaps use a few of its better powers).

As a hard-working young man, the knight of pentacles can let that work drive him straight into the ground. He tends to be given work that is slow and generally unfulfilled, but he will be determined to finish every boring assignment that comes his way. His determination is admirable, but he tends to get needlessly obsessive over small details.

The knight will be the one wrapping up one of his boring assignments, only to not send it in until he decides what font his paper should be written in... which will take him an hour or two to choose. He's a realistic sort, but can be quite a Debbie Downer when it comes to it – he'll be the first to shoot down your wild hopes and dreams. He has worked hard to attain his position, but he's unlikely to want to move now that he's where he is – he won't want to go looking for adventure any time soon.

This court card imparts both counsel and warning – his card tells you to pursue refinement in the positive areas he represents, but avoid his negative aspects at all costs. While you should pursue his diligence, beware of his tendency to overwork himself... often for little or no reward. Get excited, not obsessive – obsession is a drive that can eventually harm you, while excitement will always leave you better off. Lastly, remain realistic... but don't be too afraid to try an adventure or two. Don't worry, it won't hurt.

One Person Can't Be Worth More Than Another When We Are All One

Here are a few things to ask yourself when you see the Knight of Pentacles in your readings. What energy of the knights is helping, and what energy is hurting? What characteristics of the knight do you see in yourself? Are you unadventurous and protective? Are you diligent and hard-working? How could you make steps towards changing yourself for the better?

Like all the others cards, The Knight of Pentacles has an upside and a downside.For his downside, the Four of Pentacles matches the Knight well – just like the Knight, the man on the Four of Pentacles is afraid to relinquish his hold on the pentacles for fear that he might lose them. The Eight of Pentacles, however, showcases some of the many talents the Knight possesses, namely his dedication to great and finely crafted work.

What Knight of Pentacles Means for You Today

When the Knight of Pentacles arrives in a reading it is a sign to slow down and let the things you desire come to you instead of chasing them down. When you value what you have, so will other people. Instead of trying to demonstrate your value as an individual, trust that you are good enough as you are and the things you have to offer are worthwhile. Learn to derive your sense of self-worth from within rather than relying on people or circumstances to tell you how to feel. Remember, if you judge other people, you will also judge yourself. Let go of value judgments and try to see that everything in the universe is a product of the one divine consciousness of creation.