Tip of the day:

Online Therapy

Online therapy can be your north star like you see shining in the star card. Mental health is a huge problem in the world right now. People are drowning in information and it can be hard to tell real therapeutic information from clickbait. A real online therapist will help you sift through all the information overload so you can get the help you need.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, it might be time to talk to an online therapist. You don't have to suffer in silence, you can talk to a mental health professional without ever even needing to leave your home. Some therapists will even text you back on short notice to help you when you need it most.

Your Daily Reading:

The Star

The Star Tarot Card

A star was what led the wise men to baby Jesus. A star is what led Pinocchio on his journey to becoming a real boy. A star is what we tell our children to wish on. Why? One word: hope. We hold out for hope, we will stand for hope, we will throw all our pennies in wishing wells dreaming and wishing and hoping. Without hope, why strive to succeed? The Star card stands for that vital element that keeps us moving, keeps us working, and keeps us ticking.

The first thing to note about this card is the sky – the sky is filled with stars, especially one large, prominent star in the middle. Beneath the stars, a young woman is bending over a small pond, pouring water into it. In her other hand is another pitcher that pours water out on the ground, creating a small river.

Hope. Faith. Belief. These things drive almost every one of our actions. We send out applications for jobs because we hope that we get one. We push ourselves further because we hope that we can succeed. We even turn a knob on a door in hopes that it will open! Without hope, we denizens of the Earth wouldn't have gone very far.

You can't keep a person running without hope – it's one of the reasons that those with depression have such a hard time even getting out of bed. We wouldn't dream at all if we didn't have hope to back us up. The Star card is reminding you to have that hope and find it in your everyday life.

The Star also calls for you to find that motivation in your life. Why do you do what you do? Why do you get out of bed each morning? What puts a smile on your face and a bounce in your step? The Star asks you to pursue it – a life without this motivation is no life at all!

Stars are the Givers of Life in the Universe

One other aspect of the star is that of serenity. If you go out at night, sit down on the ground, and look up to the sky and see stars... how do you feel? Many say they feel like entirely different people when they look up at the stars: they don't really feel small, but instead feel bigger than they give themselves credit for. Looking at the stars, you see a thousand different flicking lights in the sky: in that way, the sky is a lot like our world, and each person is a glowing, beautiful star. Spend some time looking up into your sky, and feel the true serenity that it brings you. This is the serenity of the Star.

When you pull the Star card, ask yourself a few key things. What do you hope for? What are your dreams? What motivates you to wake up each day? What makes you happy? Are you pursuing that which you enjoy? Do you need more hope in your life?.

The 10 of Cups shares the glowing, positive feeling of the Star – we see the potential for love, life, and happiness. With the 10 of Cups, however, we can see that those things are already attained – with the Star, we hold on that those things are out there, and that one day we will find them. Another card that is surprisingly similar to the Star is the Fool – the Fool would not have started his journey, after all, if he didn't have faith that it would lead him somewhere!

What The Star Means for You Today

When the Star card shows up in your reading it is a sign to stay true to your spiritual path even if things are difficult right now. The star represents the path of awakening and enlightenment. This card often shows up after you have experienced something difficult or shocking in your life. Once the dust settles, you see more clearly than ever. The star is also a reminder that what occurs in your mind is not always representative of what is real. To come back to reality, focus on your five senses and ignore the words in your mind until things quiet down. Let your spirituality serve as the guiding star in your life.