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The Empress lives in a luxurious home with all kinds of fine things. Finding a new home can be a long and complicated ordeal. Real estate companies want to rush you to buy your home without taking the time to make sure it's right for you. Luxury homes mean big bonuses for the real estate agent so if you aren't careful you can end up with a fancy-looking house that falls apart within a year or two. You want a home that is durable and affordable.

For those who are on a tight budget, there are affordable housing opportunities and government programs that can help you get into a home that suits your needs. Having a stable home can do wonders for your peace of mind. Knowing you have a comfortable home to go to at the end of the day is a blessing many take for granted.

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The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card

We all have a mother. Someone, somewhere, gave birth to each of us. When that energy is lacking in our lives, we can feel it – we miss that mothering feeling, and even when we are adults we want someone to guide and care for us as a mother does. When that energy is present, we feel firmly planted in our roots, ready to launch from a firm base. The Empress represents that energy.

The woman in the Empress card is seated on a plush throne, more like a luxurious recliner than a rigid, ceremonial chair. Her flowing blonde curls wrap around her plump face, the additional body weight being a sign of prosperity and wealth. Her crown is filled with stars, and she holds her scepter up high to showcase her royal dominance. She lounges in a wheat field, the stalks growing at her feet, and a river runs by her. Truly, this woman has it all.

The Empress is the very seat of feminine energy and power. She symbolizes what is commonly referred to as mothering energy - the stage of a woman's life where she becomes a mother, and draws her power from that status. Caring, loving, commanding, and leading in a way that only a woman can – this is the quintessential mother. This is very often called the Mother card and is a sign that this energy will be visiting your life very soon.

It's also possible that this card is a call to action, requesting that you take on the mothering mantle yourself. See where the mothering energy is present or required in your own life. Similarly, this card is the card of growth and fertility – it signals new life and maturation of the elements in and around you. Many people see this card just before they learn of pregnancy, so do not take the energy of this card lightly!

Accepting Your Feminine Side

Besides the feminine energy, we can derive some fairly positive meaning from the Empress's surroundings. She thrives from the center of abundance. She has food to eat from the field, and water to drink from the river, and she is the leader of all of it. She allows herself to delight in her opulence, but never indulges in it. She holds her scepter high to remind us that her power and guidance are foremost in her life – she guides her kingdom with a steady, even hand.

When you come across the Empress in a reading, ask yourself a few things. Where is that mother energy present in your life? Is it needed? Requested? Required? Where is the new growth and maturation present? What steps do you need to take to reach the opulence and strength that the Empress represents? How comfortable are you with your own feminine energy? (Yes, men have feminine energy too.)

Both the Nine of Cups and the Seven of Pentacles are similar to the Empress in a material fashion. The Nine of Cups shows satisfaction in having it all, but it might also refer to over-indulgence, which the Empress would never partake in. The Seven of Pentacles shares that opulence, and even shares the feminine energy – many consider the Empress to be a stronger, more driven form of the Seven of Pentacles.

What The Empress Means for You Today

When the Empress card shows up in your reading it is a sign to go with the flow and tap into your creativity. In some rare cases, this card is known to signal the possibility of pregnancy. The Empress embodies the gentle flow of life itself and the source of all true creativity. You may feel artistically inspired today so if you have any creative ideas be sure to put them into action as when the muse strikes it doesn't linger for too long. Find some way to channel this energy into your day or you could get distracted and lose this sense of flow and beauty.