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Four of Wands

Four of Wands Tarot Card

A wedding is a fantastic event to witness, especially when outdoors. You can almost picture a perfect setting in your mind. An arch is set out for the bride and groom to stand beneath, chairs added for the comfort of those witnessing the event. The two lovers hold hands and stare at each other, barely whispering out their I Do's between tears. They kiss, embrace, and everyone cheers.

Everyone suddenly thrives in this new energy, a party is just about to begin. Everyone is ready to cheer on the newlyweds. In a way, the people who are attending the ceremony are just as happy as the couple involved. That joy, excitement, and festive nature are what the Four of Wands is all about.

On this card we see four wands/staffs stuck straight up in the ground, garland and leaves strung between the four of them. They've clearly been designed as decorations for a large party or celebration. Behind them, we can see a city with towers of all different sizes. Just below the city and behind the wands/staff, we see two people. The two are decked out in festive clothing – white robes with colorful sashes. They raise garlands high in the air, shaking them and showing them off. Just behind them, we can see other people from the celebration, most likely going off to continue the celebration indoors.

The main message of the Four of Wands is a festive one – it signals a celebration, event, or other cause of frivolity. When we can all get together and recognize a joyous moment, it brings pleasure to us and everyone around us. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to really celebrate the triumphs in our lives – we 'don't have time', we 'aren't in the mood', or other such momentary reasons. Don't let that stop you! Celebrate the good life while it's here. So hang up the banners and prep the streamers – there's going to be a party!

This card can also signal that a large first step has been made down a long and winding path. For many, the first thought is a marriage or a birth, but the possibilities don't stop there – a new business venture, the first project in a new hobby, even an inner, personal step towards a better you can be signaled by this card.

Seize the Day and Enjoy the Present!

Last, but not least, this card points to the joy we can all feel at any point in our lives. We don't even need a large or life-changing event to feel this happy – we can feel this happy all the time. The Four of Wands could be telling you to take action with your own happiness – if you're not happy now, do something about it!

Here are a few things to ask yourself when you see the Four of Wands. What should you be celebrating? What could you celebrate, right here and now? What are the downsides to celebrating? How about the upsides? What have you or your loved ones done recently that can be considered the first step down a long road? Can you celebrate for that person, even if it's yourself?

The Four of Wands has a lot in common with the Three of Cups – the partying, the friends, and the enjoyment are present in both cards. The Four of Wands also shares a lot with the Three of Pentacles – the group effort is present, even though there is less celebrating to be had in the Three of Pentacles.

What Four of Wands Means for You Today

Sometimes choosing to do what you want and enjoy yourself is an act of self-love. In a world where over-working is commonplace people have forgotten how to have fun. When the Four of Wands shows up, it is a sign to let yourself have fun and enjoy yourself. Learning to play for the sake of playing, not just to replenish your ability to be productive, can lead to a much happier and healthier life. Take a break from the grind and do something fun. Enjoy the here and now instead of always trying to secure the future.