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The Strength card is a good sign for your Health. It is important to be healthy on all levels, not just physically. Mental health, Emotional health, and spiritual health are all just as important as having a healthy body. In fact, they all go together. Poor emotional health often manifests as illness in the body. Fortunately, there are online resources for all of these and many of them are free. Well-being is within your reach at all times.

The World Health Organization suggests that Social well-being is equally as important as your physical health. Since the days of the pandemic social health has become more difficult to maintain. Make sure not to isolate yourself too much so you can have a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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Strength Tarot Card

I love going to the circus. Even now when I'm an adult, I love watching the daring, brave, and strong performers follow through on amazing stunts. Only once did I ever see a lion tamer. She commanded the lions with nerves of steel. Never once did she give off the feeling that she was frightened.

Surprisingly, she never assumed the role of a hard, cruel taskmaster – while she was undoubtedly in control of every second of the performance, she had found a sort of kindred energy with the lions. The whole audience knew that if she were to suddenly become frightened or show hesitation that the lions would take advantage of it, but she never faltered. She simply directed the lions, told them where to go and what should be done, and even gave them a treat or two. This is the energy of the Strength card.

This card shows a woman all in white, with a flowery crown on her head and a belt on her waist. At her feet is a lion, just as fierce as any. The woman has her hand resting gently yet firmly against the lion's head, and another hand at his mouth. The woman is opening the lion's mouth. Not prying it open, not forcing... just opening it, as easily as she would open her own mouth. Her face holds a look of compassion.

Strength stands for, unsurprisingly, strength. It can mean physical strength, of course, but it more often refers to internal strength. Strength of mind, strength of will, strength of spirit. Determination and courage can outdo muscle strength any day of the week.

There is a deeper, more intricate layer of meaning in the Strength card that can be hard to define. When the woman on the card opens the lion's mouth, she does it with a control that is more like guidance than force. This is the type of control we need to seek in our own lives, and the Strength card insists we pursue it. Control that is not forced, not pushed, but eased into. Closer to persuasion than control.

Faith is the Greatest Kind of Strength

This card will also ask of you for a sense of understanding and empathy. If you watch a lion tamer talk, they will always emphasize how important it is to understand the power and potential danger when dealing with lions. They also will casually note that they are 'big kitties' and that they love the animals. These tamers honor the creatures they work with, and honor can only be attained through understanding. That is something that the Strength card may ask you to seek.

Questions to ask yourself when pulling this card: How strong are you on the inside? What can you do to foster your strength and determination? Do you consider yourself to be a solid, composed person? Can you welcome an empathetic attitude into your life?

Strength is a very unique card – there are few others that can really be compared to it. The Chariot card shows the strength of will and determination, much like the Strength card, but it does not convey that specific form of persuasion rather than brute force. The Nine of Wands is another card that Strength can work alongside well – the Nine fosters a determined state, but focuses more on endurance and perseverance.

What Strength Means for You Today

When the Strength card shows up in your reading it is a sign that you need to have faith. You don't have to be religious to trust that things are going to work out and everything will be ok. If you want to manifest true abundance in your life you have to trust that you will have what you need exactly when you need it. True strength comes from flowing with the universe and letting go of control. When you let go of the illusion of control you gain a different kind of control and begin to see just how powerful human beings truly are. You create your own experience of reality and the best vibration for manifesting everything you need is to have the kind of faith the woman in the card has as she puts her hand in the lion's mouth.