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File Transfer

File transfers should be as fast as the movement of the Eight of Wands. Whether you are using an older hard disk drive, a solid-state drive, or a memory chip, you don't want to wait around for files to transfer. Using newer types of USB and solid state technology are the fastest ways to ensure you get your information transferred quickly. Firewire file transfers and Usb3 are the fastest connections for fast data tranfers.

Files can be quickly transferred over the internet using services like drop box or other cloud-based information services. As long your internet connection is strong and your device is up to date, you can transfer your files quickly and easily in today's modern age.

Your Daily Reading:

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands Tarot Card

The Eight of Wands card takes us back to the roots of the Wands suit – the notion of creative motion and power. A wand is a tool, a device used to channel the energy from ourselves out into the open world. It's an object of action – it gets what's inside of us out into the open so that it can motivate pure movement. Having eight wands on this card, you can imagine the type of action that this card entails!

The Eight of Wands is one of the simplest cards in the tarot deck as far as appearance goes. We see a green, growing valley in the background, with a thin river winding through. In the foreground, we see eight wands/staffs – these wands are all jutting out, almost as if flying actively through the air. Are they being thrown? Are they simply falling from the sky? It's too hard to tell for certain from our perspective, but one thing is certain – those wands are going places.

This card is the card of sudden action. Like a javelin falling from above, or lightning striking from the sky, the Eight of Wands is saying that things are going to show up quickly. This tends to be the card of news and sudden surprises, so don't take this card lightly.

Unfortunately, this card is also a bit ambiguous – it gives little inclination as to what sort of activity, news, or surprises may be coming, simply that they are indeed coming. The element of fire represents pure dynamic energy than can be shaped in an unlimited number of ways so you will have to use your intuition to know exactly what this card is referring to. All that is certain is that there is momentum.

This card also conveys that, in new ventures, projects, events, and so on, there will be no wasted energy. It might even be a call to action: perhaps you have been languishing in an unfinished project, but the Eight of Wands is here to tell you that you should put all of your energy stores into completing it. Whatever the case, know that what is ahead will require your complete attention and every bit of your creative energy.

Prepare for lightspeed!

Lastly, this card may be telling you to expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears listening for what may be coming next, and be ready to jump on it when it comes. Whatever is approaching, know that the creative energy of the wands suit says that it is something that will need to be acted upon.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you see the Eight of Wands card. How ready are you for the unexpected? Can you devote yourself to a new project right away? How is your creative energy level? If you find that your energy is lacking, you'll want to do whatever you can to recuperate it now, before the unexpected arrives!

The Magician and the Eight of Wands card are rather similar – they are the only two that speak of that moment before the mallet hits the anvil, and the unbridled creative energy that lies in wait. The Wheel of Fortune has its place beside the Eight of Wands as well, simply for the mysterious, unknown factor – both cards tell you to expect the unexpected. If you see the Wheel of Fortune and the Eight of Wands in your reading, be prepared for big changes!

What Eight of Wands Means for You Today

When the Eight of Wands appears in your reading it can show that there is a particular momentum behind some area of your life that is picking up speed. Because of this card's associations with Mercury, it can also mean that some kind of important communication could be coming your way that will encourage you to act in a specific direction. Depending on the cards that surround this one in your reading it can also mean that the matter at hand is already in motion and does not require your interaction at the moment. This is one of those cards that has a very malleable meaning depending on the context of the reading but the key factor involved is always going to be movement and momentum.