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Essential Oils

Essentila oils are one of the ways the Queen of Wands accents here feminin beauty. There are an endless array of frangrances to choose from with essential oils. These oils not only smell great, some of them have healing and spiritual qualities. Some can help you feel calm and relaxed while other oils can even help you attract a mate! Essential oils can be powerful so be sure not to over do it, a little can go a long way. Which fragrance will you choose?

The top essential oils are made wih natural and organic extracts to give you the cleanest and more pure product possible. Some say that essential oils can even be used in spiritual ceremonies to attract helpful spirits and entities. Whether you just want to smell good or you have more esoteric goals in mind, essential oils are the way to go!

Your Daily Reading:

Queen of wands

Queen of wands Tarot Card

The Queen of Wands is a rather peaceful, homey card. It could have to do with the cat at the queen's feet, or it could have to do with the sunflower she holds in her hand. No matter the reason, this queen is a fount of creative beauty. Her yellow robes and white cloak are simple but elegant. Her left hand holds the sunflower, while her right hands hold a wand/staff. Her throne is a gorgeous array of colors – red and yellow wind throughout the visages of lions. Her gaze seems friendly, but almost slightly distracted, as if she were thinking of her next project or task.

A friendly and sociable person, the queen of wands energy is one of feminine comfort and warmth. Where the Knight was frequently selfish and proud, the Queen is sincere and of a giving nature. She had just as much attractive capacity as the Knight, however – men often find themselves inexplicably drawn to her. Her confidence is unassuming, but very apparent – she will let you know what she can and cannot do.

Not only is she as excitable, enthusiastic, and energetic as all the other wands court cards, but she is sunny and cheerful about it as well, never pushing or shoving her desires on others. She is always honest in her feelings, but doesn't get angry if you step on the toes of her ideas or enthusiasm – she knows not everyone can share her excitement about everything. This is a beautiful mixture of the wand's creative power and a feminine style of wisdom.

When the Queen of Wand's appears in readings, she is often giving helpful advice on how to approach a situation. How can you use the Queen's creative wisdom in your own life? Perhaps you need to develop your self-esteem, but remember that others opinions and feels matter just as much as your own. Maybe this card is asking you to be more forthcoming and sincere. It could even be that the Queen is suggesting, in order to find her kind of happiness, you should pursue her excitement and enthusiasm over the every day, mundane activities. Everything can be an adventure if you put the right spin on it!

Embraces Those Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Here are a few things to ask yourself when you pull the Queen of Wands. Does this card represent a person in your life? If so, who? What message or lesson could they be trying to convey to you? Do you need more of the Queen's traits in your life? Do you need more energy, confidence, or understanding? How could you pursue those things?

There are two others cards in the Wands suite that share a lot in common with the Queen’s energy – the Two of Wands and the Four of Wands. The Two of Wands speaks of personal conviction and power, which the Queen has plenty of, and both cards have an energy of a quiet, tasteful, unobtrusive approach to that personal power. Remember that those with real, true power don't tread all over others. The Four of Wands shares the pure excitement and enthusiasm with the Queen – a simply yet positive aspect.

What Queen of wands Means for You Today

The Queen of Wands shows up in your readings to give you a boost in confidence and personal magentism. This card can also be a sign that its time to do what excites you instead of what is logical and pragmatic. While in some cases this card can represent 'hot-girl energy' it can also sometimes symbolize a state of mind that brings with it feelings of pleasure and warmth. Think of a time that you felt beautiful and what was going on at that time compared to whats happening right now. What was it that gave you that boost in confidence? This card is urging you to see your own inner beauty and let it shine.