Tip of the day:

Electricity And Energy

The two of swords can mean there is a blockage preventing your energy and electricity from flowing naturally. A blockage in your elecitrcal system acts the same as a blockage in your bodies energie. When energy cannot flow, Heat builds up and causes a fire. A skilled professional can help you maintain your electricity and energy for a small fee. Electricians are helpful for you home energy but for your metaphyiscal energy you will need a shaman or someone who understands the nature of the body and mind.

Electricity and energy are crucial elements of the modern and natural world. You are having problems with your bio-energy or with your home electrical systems, contact a person who know what they are doing before you go crossing wires and touching things you don't understand.

Your Daily Reading:

Two of Swords

Two of Swords Tarot Card

Have you ever heard of the term, “An unstoppable force against an immovable object”? It's known as a paradox named the Unstoppable Force Paradox. It asks the question simply, and has no known answer: If there were such a thing as an object that could not be stopped, and if there existed an object that could not be moved... what happens if they meet? Both are assumed to be unbreakable as well, so they do not break. The answer to this paradox may never be known, but the Two of Swords gives a very convincing example of an immovable object.

On the Two of Swords we see a great ocean with an island in the distance, the moon hanging overhead the entire scene. Before us his a young woman wearing a blindfold – she wears a simply white dress, and has two swords crossed in front of her. She is seated on a stone bench, unmoving, silent, and still. This is not a woman you would want to get near, let alone touch.

This card signals that you or someone close to you is closed off, especially to new ideas and information. When one isn't open to change, they aren't open to life. Yes, change can be dangerous, but by it's very nature life is a dangerous thing. Life is too beautiful not to let in – remember that if this card refers to your own personal feelings on a matter. A closed mind can assume the position of the woman on this card – blind to the dangers, beauty, and life that surrounds her. She blinds herself so that she can keep those swords held high and never falter. It's also possible that this card is signaling a situation that is unchangeable, or will not budge.

Another possible meaning of this card is that of avoidance. The woman puts the blind fold over her eyes, not because she doesn't want to see what's coming, but because she already knows what is out there... and she doesn't want to see it. Avoiding a problem can be a way of solving it, but more often than not we use avoidance as a way of protecting ourselves (often from healing that we truly need). Evaluate your own life and see if you are avoiding anything actively (or subconsciously).

Divided Against Yourself

Ask yourself these questions when you see the Two of Swords in your readings. What areas am I blocked in my life? Am I blocking these areas intentionally? Subconsciously? Is there anyone in my life that I refuse to see or talk to? Why? Is this block helping or hurting?

The Two of Swords has a lot in common with two Four cards – the Four of Pentacles and the Four of Cups. The Four of Pentacles is the very picture of blockage – just like this card, we see a person holding something firmly so that it will not move. Both the Two of Swords and the Four of Pentacles signal an inability (or unwillingness) to move, as does the Four of Cups. The Four of Cups does not always refer to blocked change, but when it does it can act very much like the Two of Swords.

What Two of Swords Means for You Today

When the Two of Swords shows up in a reading it is a sign that you have two conflicting ideas in your mind. These two different world views are doing battle in your head and neither one can seem to get the upper hand. This congative disonance is affecting your mood and your decisions about the matter at hand. One world view says that life is purely materialistic and things like magic, tarot card, and manifestation is just new age nonsense. The other world view sees reality as a manifestation of the one infinite divine mind and magic is not only possible, but they are the norm. One world view feels powerless and needs to control everything, the other is able to relax and ride the wave of the flow of nature. Which one will you choose to empower and which one will you choose to let go?