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Dna Testing

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Your Daily Reading:

Two of Cups

Two of Cups Tarot Card

A smile. A wink. A laugh. A touch. There are many little ways to see that someone is interested in you. Not all who you fall in love with, however, are worthy of your time – only those who are willing to openly share their emotion with you. Their hopes, dreams, fears, doubts... all of these should be something they are willing to divulge to you, in order to be a valid partner. This is the nature of the Two of Cups.

On this card stands a man and a woman who are facing each other, each holding a cup in their hand. They present the cups in an open, generous way to each other. They appear to be two very different people – she wears a blue robe with a green wreath on her head, he a red-ish frock with a red wreath on his own head. The man reaches ever so gently towards the woman's cup and seems to be reaching to touch her hand in the process.

This card is the one that all lovers (or pining hopefuls) wish to see – the card of unity. These two figures are touching in a romantic way, and many who have spent time in loving, generous relationships can feel the connection that these two people have. The cup suit stands for emotion, and the fact that they are willing to share their cup with another person is a big step. When you see this card, you'll know that a new connection (yes, possibly a romantic connection) is on the way. Don't be afraid to offer yourself freely – don't push an agenda on the other person, but be willing to give when they ask for a bit of your love.

It's important to note that a union is not something that only occurs between two people in a romantic relationship. Bonding can happen with family, friends, and strangers. Connections can happen on a larger scale as well – between groups, within ideas, and between nations. This card also mentions the mending of previously severed or damaged bonds, rather than just the creation of a new one. Evaluate the relationships in your life, and see if this card is telling you to call a truce.

Love Sweet Love

A few important things you should ask yourself when pulling the Two of Cups, are as follows. What type of relationships/connections/unions am I open to right now? Can I be open and free with another concerning what I feel? How open do I want others to be with me?

The Lovers is the obvious card that parallels the Two of Cups – both share the potential for a large, influential connection. The Two of Cups is a bit more romantically inclined than the Lovers card, surprisingly enough: the gentle, loving approach of the two figures in the Two card more closely mimics a new romantic venture. Temperance is one card that not many might think to connect with the Two of Cups, but take a look at the face of the Temperance card – you'll see that the angel is pouring one cup into another. This joining of forces happens in both Temperance and the Two of Cups, only the Two shows this union in its early stages.

What Two of Cups Means for You Today

When the Two of Cups shows up in your reading it is a positive sign that more love is coming into your life. This card is the most likely one to signal a new romantic relationship. If you are already in a relationship it can be a sign that you will have a positive experience with your partner and share a loving moment together. In some cases, this card has nothing to do with other people and represents a more spiritual experience of love where you feel really good about yourself and experience a sense of wholeness, if even just for a little while. In any case, this card is one of the more pleasant feeling cards in the tarot deck.