Tip of the day:

Conference Call

The universe is like one big conference call between the forces of nature and the magician is the one who understands the language of the natural forces. Conference calls are becoming something that everyone is familiar with. Now conference calls are transforming into video conferences with apps like Zoom Skype, or Webex. Conferencing is a great way to get everyone on the same page and stay in communication with one another.

Conference calls are often essential for businesses and large organizations. It can be a great way to inform all of your remote workers at one time and address any questions directly instead of via email. The best part of conference calls is that, if you want to, you can do it while wearing your pajamas.

Your Daily Reading:

The Magician

The Magician Tarot Card

Have you ever felt that glowing, shining moment of action? Where you've prepared every tool – your plans are carefully laid out, your hand is at the ready, and you know you can complete the tasks set before you with ease. You cherish that blissful moment, just before the work begins, almost as much as the work. This is what the Magician represents.

On the face of the Magician card we see a man standing in a simple yet regal robe, holding a white wand aloft. On a table in front of him, we see he has every tool from each of the suites – a cup, a pentacle, a sword, and a staff (for the wands suite). All around the man, above and below, are beautiful blooming flowers – roses and daffodils, precisely. The look on the man's face is one of gleeful determination – he's ready to do what needs to be done, and he's happy to know that he can do it.

The Magician card deals with that magic moment where the only thing left to do is act. When it feels that the universe has conspired to bring about this moment, you have nothing left to do but follow through with it. Everything is prepared, whether it's been prepared for you or by you. All you have left to do is cast the spell. There's a strength to that feeling, a real and true power that can course through you and leave you feeling energized and alive.

In our modern society, we often fear work – work is often associated with stress, uncertainty, and exhaustion. The Magician is telling you that the work ahead needn't be harsh. Work can be as smooth and strong as... well, magic. We also tend to lead our lives blind: many of our days go by unnoticed, and we'll go to bed wondering what it was we did that day. The Magician calls on you to be conscious of the work that needs to be done. If the preparations aren't in place for your work, the Magician is saying that all the plans need to be carefully laid out before you can continue further.

Open Yourself to The Mysteries of the Universe

When you see the Magician in your readings, it's time to ask yourself a few questions. What are you working on? What are your tools? Are they assembled? Are you feeling centered? Goal-driven? Do you know what you're getting yourself into? Can you allow yourself to feel powerful, or are those feelings you are afraid to experience?

The Eight of Pentacles is a very similar card to the Magician – it speaks of doing the work, and not being afraid to dive in head first. The Eight of Pentacles could very well be considered the card that comes after the Magician – the Magician is poised to begin his work, while the man in the Eight of Pentacles is already working. When it comes to the powerful energy of the Magician, we can see the Chariot shares very similar energy. While the Magician holds his wand up high, the driver of the Chariot holds tight to the reigns of his beasts. Both cards demand a type of leadership and assertion of willpower.

What The Magician Means for You Today

When the Magician appears in a reading it is a sign that you need to take on the perspective of the magician and let go of your materialistic assumptions. Most people have no idea that they live in a universe that is made of magic and they see the world through the lens of the ego. This card is asking you to suspend disbelief and be open to possibilities you may not have considered before. You have incredible untapped power within you and the magician is someone who has only begun their journey toward awakening to their true nature. Approach this day as a neophyte who knows that he is only a beginner. Leave your assumptions behind and let the universe surprise you..