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Auto Repair

The Ten of pentacles brings the kind of money you might need to be able to afford auto repairs. Auto repairs can be expensive and many people put them off for as long as possible. Getting your car fixed might feel like an expensive chore but it also ensures that you can keep driving without problems. Is it time for you to take your car into an auto repair shop and get checked out? Even if nothing seems to be wrong, it's good to get your vehicle checked and tuned up on a regular basis.

You can always do minor repairs yourself and changing your own oil can also save you some money. In some cases, though, it is best to get an auto expert or mechanic to handle things. Cars are getting more advanced and more difficult to work on in your own garage. Don't mess around when it comes to serious auto repairs, take it to your nearest auto repair shop.

Your Daily Reading:

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

Many of us dislike the idea of growing old – our bodies won't work as we're used to, many of our friends and loved ones will have also grown old, and there is the fear of death too look forward to. But there is a reason that many people call those with elder status living out their Golden Years.

For those who have worked hard in life, a blessed elderhood awaits – it can be filled with the physical security you have built for yourself over the years, the family you've lovingly tended to, and all the time in the world to enjoy it. This is the energy of the Ten of Pentacles.

We usually see the cities, houses, and residences from afar... but not in the Ten of Pentacles! For once, we are actually just outside of a marvelous house, with a great big arch just overhead. Beneath the arch is a beautiful family – a wife can be seen talking to her husband, their child can be seen chasing a dog, and even the dogs seem to have multiplied and made a family of their own! The real focus here is on the old man, wrapped in an intricately decorated blanket. The family is, presumably, his – he has everything he ever wanted. In his old age, he can truly say he has reached his Golden Years.

The Ten of Pentacles is all about reaching the top. You've done the work, you've put your nose to that grindstone, and now you're able to reap the rewards. Congratulations my friend – if you pull this card, something is going right for you! The Ten marks the closing of a circle, the ending of the ups and downs of the material world.

This card signals attaining material abundance. Security, permanence, and comfort are yours... so rejoice! If you don't have these things now, this card is saying that you soon will. Many people yearn for this kind of stability, the kind where you can live your life without worrying about the next paycheck, how you'll feed your family, or how you'll pay the rent. You've likely worked hard to get to this level, so see it as the universe paying you back for all of your effort.

It's Time to Collect the Harvest

Of course, as you can see by the family in the background, this card can also signify familial wholeness. Having a family is one thing, but when you get to spend time with them, be happy with them, and share their tears and triumphs... you've found true happiness.

Wondering what the Ten of Pentacles means for you? Here are a few questions to get you started. What does material abundance mean to you? Does it mean getting to own all the things you've wanted? Travel the world? Pamper your loved ones with comfort and joy. If you haven't yet reached these goals, what can you do to get there?

This card has two fantastic matches elsewhere in the tarot deck, and if you pull them together in one reading it signals nothing but blues skies and happy days – these two cards are the World and the Ten of Cups. The World is the card of completion – it marks having it all and wanting for nothing, all while being with the ones you love... which, funny enough, the Ten of Pentacles also stands for! The Ten of Cups is so similar in structure that it bears mentioning when it comes to the Ten of Pentacles: both cards signal the end of strife and struggle, all while finally getting what it is you most yearn for in that particular suit.

What Ten of Pentacles Means for You Today

When the Ten of Pentacles shows up in your reading it means that you are reaching a new level of maturity in your material life. This can mean a new job, a promotion, or maybe a sudden influx of cash. There is a transformation occurring in your life and it is going to lead to good results. You may have suffered some kind of loss in the recent past that has forced you to change your relationship with the physical world and now that transformation is reaching its peak. Overall this card is a good sign that you are heading for more financial and material stability in your life.