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Air Purifiers

The Queen of Cups likes her air to be clean and she uses air purifiers in every room. Keeping your air pure can reduce the chance of getting sick or developing respiratory problems. Things like smoke, pet dandruff, and pollen can cloud up the air around you and slowly cause breathing problems. Air purifiers can keep the air clear of debris and help you stay healthy and happy. Filter the air in your home with a new air purifier.

There are several brands of air purifiers to choose from on the market. Pick from companies like Honeywell or get a True HEPA filter. You can order your new air filter online today. Just a quick search on the internet will show you hundreds of air purifiers to choose from.

Your Daily Reading:

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups sits on a large, stone throne covered in young, winged cherubs. She sits on a beach with the cliffs to her back, the ocean's foam almost touching her feet. Her dress is a simple blue-ish white color, and her cloak is a fantastical sight – it looks almost just like the water with its blue, stained glass appearance.

It's very hard to tell where her cloak ends and the water begins! She wears a crown on her head and holds a glorious cup in her hands. The cup looks almost like a religious relic – a wide brim, a lid with a long, decorative top, and even handles with angels perched on them. The queen seems to be staring at the cup fixedly – it seems almost nothing could break her gaze.

She is the queen of unconditional love. She considers her emotions to be her power, the driving force in her life, and the thing that she prizes most in herself and others. She is loving to a fault, the kind of woman you could expect to have friends, family, and a few strangers eating at her dinner table. She's the one who sees those heart-wrenching commercials for charities and openly cries, quickly calling the hotline and giving all she can to those poor people. She can also be, as noted by the angels on the cup, a spiritual and intuitive being. She'll often notice how you're feeling before you even tell her.

This card may be telling you to assume more characteristics of the Queen of Cups. If you find yourself afraid to stretch your hand out and help a friend, set the fear aside and assume they will appreciate the assistance. Don't be afraid to invest your emotions in others – everyone can benefit from having a bit more love in their life, and you'll feel much better being the one to spread it! A queen is often pictured as the one, final person who stops the king from putting someone to death: find that sort of compassion and sympathy in your own heart.

Find Inner Peace and Serenity Through Meditation

When pulling the Queen of Cups, ask yourself these questions. What do you have to gain from opening up and loving all those you meet? What do you have to lose? How many of the Queen's characteristics can you find in yourself? Could you take it upon yourself to become more like the Queen? Is there anyone like her already present in your life? What could you learn from that person?

The Queen of Cups shares a lot of factors in common with the rest of the Cups suit, especially the positive aspects. The 6 of Cups has that emotional innocence that the Queen can sometimes display – it can be a foolish, trusting love, but love is not meant to be analytical. The 10 of Cups also displays the Queen's joy and love – she expresses some of the purest, most honest caring of any tarot card in the deck.

What Queen of Cups Means for You Today

When the Queen of Cups shows up in your reading it is a sign that peace and tranquility are in your future. You could encounter a person who has a calming presence or you may simply find a quiet moment where you feel at ease. If this is your card of the day you are likely in for a nice relaxing day. The calm ad loving energy of the queen is always available to you, waiting just beyond your habitual thoughts. Take a few minutes to clear your mind and listen to the silence around you. Just a brief gap between your thoughts can bring you to a clear and serene state of mind. You don't need to use any external means to bring you inner peace.